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June 22, 2011


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Ed Holub

This makes my case interesting.... I am fighting a child custody/support case in Florida. I can't afford a lawyer, so I have been fighting pro se. My ex has the most expensive lawyer in the district. My ex is maliciously seeking incarceration because I can't pay her lawyer $30,000+ or $800+ per month child support for our one child (including $8000 in arrearages).

I do pay $229 per month (Fl's stated amount I should pay according to my income). I supplied the court with 4 years of IRS 1040 forms, invoices to my clients, copies of checks, bank statements, letters from the IRS stating I am "uncollectable" regarding tax liens, and affidavits from others in my profession backing my actual income as well as other documentation of my actual income.

I motioned for summary judgment on modification (adjusting amounts owed to the reality of my income), appointment of a lawyer for a matter involving incarceration, and interim attorney's fees to me to defend myself. As stated, she is seeking incarceration for civil contempt.

I suppose I should cite this supreme court ruling when this mess goes before a judge. Could anyone offer any other advise???

Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

You need to get a lawyer if you can't figure out how to defend yourself by citing this when requesting the court to provide assistance in completing the needed information to prove to them that you can't pay


Hello - While I very much support your cause to keep families (especially parents and children) together, I'm writing about another thing. I am trying to help a former student who is a refugee from Burma. He spent his young adult years as a political prisoner and has suffered unbelievably for his cause to bring democracy to his country. Anyway, he is planning to ride his bike from Lansing to Washington, DC to raise awareness for Burma. But, he doesn't know how to get a good bike route with details of towns along the way, etc. Would you be willing to share how you went about mapping your ride from Lansing to DC?
Thank you -
Anny Case, Okemos, MI -- You can contact me via email: [email protected]

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