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May 19, 2009


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when a mother go's thur the valley of death and gives bith to a baby. she bomds with that child the state dont cps dont bond with that child cps acts like kids are puppys at a dog pound once you pick one out and dont like it because it pee's in the floor you keep taking it back tell you get one that is house broke let parents be parents cps needs to stop taking kids from familys that are trying hard to be a family cps needs to get a real job like any one can lie it dont take much for them to smile while telling a lie take the money away then see how many of those cps workers love those kids


Thank you for your post! Your support is encouraging!
I've done a lot of research on the PRA, and would be more than happy to assist you if anyone has any questions. Keep it up!

Watching the stars,
"I watch the stars, for they are mine to watch." - Glenstorm

Carrie Adams

robbery - is not a crime in family court rooms
Category: Religion and Philosophy
" robbery - is not a crime in family court rooms "

do you think i am exaggerating ? is there some confusion to this fact ? what could i possibly mean by saying this ? any chance that you too have been robbed ? in family courts as well as criminal court rooms ? your'e personal situation which you at best express to a court room where there sits a judge ! he / she sits , you sit , council sits , clerk sits , baliffs sits ,citizens sits , juror's sits and often the dust sits the longest !

i need to tell you of my robberies - what has been stolen , taken , removed , ignored , overseen , objected , rejected and i have the identities , i can draw the thieves , i can show the proofs , i can give a testimony , i can anguish even with my dying affliction , i can be heard , i can be seen , i can talk now , i can see now , i can TELL YOU !!

listen to me
i have been robbed - the relationship that i once had with my two kids
i have been robbed - the time that a parent should have with their own kids
i have been robbed - the memories on their birthdays
i have been robbed - the memories of their graduations
i have been robbed - every holiday each year for over 10 years
i have been robbed - their precious love i have for them
i have been robbed - their events in school , activities , church trips , attendance along with them as a praying mother
i have been robbed - the possessions of my home
i have been robbed - daily talks , celebrations , school report cards , meetings with teachers , home work participation
i have been robbed - mother's day and weekends
i have been robbed - of their love for me
i have been robbed - my rights to parent them
i have been robbed - the role as a mother like i do not exist
i have been robbed - of their laughter , their touch , their smiles , their hugs , their trust , their ambitions , their years , their moments , minutes , hours , months , years - all a fact
i have been robbed - of due process and the rights as a non custodial parent
i have been robbed - of my health , my life , my wellness
i have been robbed - of truth , resolution , mediation
i have been robbed - as a citizen of this country
i have been robbed - from justice and fairness
i have been robbed - from equality and non discrimination
i have been robbed - since the burglars could get away
i have been robbed - security , promises , proceedings , hearings , resources
i have been robbed - do my kids know the depths of these losses
i have been robbed - from clarity
i have been robbed - from accountability
i have been robbed - in family court room of chicago , illinois
i have been robbed - from the judicial system which does not execute fairness , equality or transparency
i have been robbed - being connected to my two kids who need me and should be allowed to reunite
i have been robbed - i have never stolen from any one ever , but obviously the statistics say you will know your burglar
i have been robbed - my constituitonal rights , civil rights , parental rights
i have been robbed -and all the items , moments , memories , time can never be replaced , returned or relived

i have been robbed - while my faith sustains me , my Lord protects me , my Redeemer reigns , my Father embraces me , my prayers are increased , my time remaining is cherished , my Home awaits me , my story follows me ,

my kids remind me that i have done what i know to do
i have stood for pure truth
i have said it all truthfully
i have missed them all too long
i have lossed them in my journey
i have needed them from the last day i saw them
i have talked about my love for them with others
i have been a sincere person and a loving mother

i ask with the loudest volume and the greatest wish

tell my sweet angels that the robbery is over and the bad news is forever lost
i will have for them what i want them to have
i will wish for their presence to my last days
i will pray and still pray

i will leave here
but i stood here so long , so long waiting
my peaceful words
and strong innerself
is for them to cherish
to embrace
to adore
to remember

no robber will take heaven from me
if this is my song i will sing
i will sing softly
so let my kids near me so they can hear me say
i have always loved you
i have always missed you

i have done it well
i have lived for them
i have served the Lord
i will allow Him to do His will

I ~xo~ox Jake and Braidy

copyrights reserved
Oct. 2 , 2009
Carrie Adams

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