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March 09, 2009


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steven deluca

Maybe Eve Ensler, for the next Vagina Mono can have a famous actress read this list of crimes and discuss the possibility that of the thousands and thousands of son's and daughters who are beaten, each year, - and for many years in some cases - such beatings and humiliations cause many children to grow up to be violent. So why is it tht women beating children as part of the "cycle of violence" is something that feminists continue to hide as they trash men as the root of all evil? A boy slapped around for ten years by a woman who is huge, in comparison, finds as a man a woman slapping him and he slaps her back... only his violence is recorded while both his mother and GF get a free ride?


In one of the articles listed they said more than a quarter of childrens murders are by mothers. Did they mean more than a quarter as in 2/3 or does someone have their statistics off a little? Like to hear more on these stats and where they come from.

steven deluca

When children die from neglect, usually when with the mom, it's not called homicide. go to www.RADARinfo - Domestic Violence
I think that will help last comment asking for more stats.


Finally this is being openly discussed. It isnt just the slapping neglect and total disregard of another Human Life. It is a blatent display of vile character that should not be given any sympathy. More "Mothers" place thier offspring on prescribed narcotics by the time the child enters school. More "Mothers" place the child in front of the TV as a cheap form of distraction from the time the child can open His/Her eyes. More "Mothers" allow an infant to cry to the point of absolute physical exhaustion and distressed states instead of getting off there lazy rump to provide H20 - Most likely reason for an infants discomfort is heat/dehydration. More "Mothers" display the most disgusting form of jealousy towards thier own Daughters a cruelty that not even a Male can conceive of.
More "Mothers" VIOLATE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ON A CONSISTANT DAILY BASIS THAN ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION. YES THAT INCLUDES MILITARY/GOVT. Do the math. Just because they have the ability to give birth AKA Whelping doesnt mean they have the right to. It isnt ignorance. It isnt genetic. It isnt cultural. IT IS CHOICE. They CHOOSE to be that way. They choose to VIOLATE the responcibility of Life. They CHOOSE to negate and blame. They choose to be the lowest form of Humanity. It is with full intention NOT habit or frustration to scream and yell spank thier offspring "punish" them...for what? Becuase they can and they do. Sick. Being a Mother comes with no special privelages. Being an abusive "Mother" entitles that person to Jail. Nothing else.

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