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March 27, 2009


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shawn asanowicz

I feel your pain brother, Thou do not expect the "system" to support your parental abitions.It is all and only about how much $$$$-initatives_$$$$ they can exoloit your kids for.And as for the EX-usually,its about how you can be humilliated and degraded,. But keep on keeping it on,your kids will one day realize ,who looked out for their best interest,and it wont be the ones who made a profit EXPLOITING them.


My parents divorced in Illinois when I was four after my mother waged a sadistic campaign to force my father to divorce her. Her tactics? Countless affairs, stealing family savings, and abandoning my brother and I for weeks at a time. This was in 1972. My mother remarried twice and ended up with an asshole pedophile who sexually abused me when I was 11 and 12. We lived in Detroit at the time. Of course, the courts favored my mother just because she has ovaries, never caring that she was (and is) a narcissistic bitch. My father tried many time to take my brother and I away from her and her pedophile, but the courts and social workers insisted my mother was best. How fucking wrong they were! I am now 41 and still suffer the results of her willful choices. Thanks to God, my children did not suffer what I did and are happy, well-adjusted near adults. My father and I are now close and I have not spoken to my mother and her pedophile for 5 years. How I wish my dear father and his traditional Dutch family had raised me! I am here to say: I am female, I am a mother, I am a survivor, and I suffered without my father. CHILDREN NEED FATHERS!!!

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