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November 21, 2008


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no name

If i would have seen this movie three years or even five years ago I would have seen ways to correct and repair a 19 year marriage with my wife. I made mistakes, the same mistakes that dipected in this film. It is a great movie, a must see if your having problems in a relationship or not. When you do run into those situations you will see how to resolve them and rebuild the love you have for each other.


I just wanted to share that www.familychristianmovies.com is offering pre buy orders of Fireproof the Movie and 10% discount coupon when you sign up to their newsletter. Fireproof absolutely is a great movie.

Barbara Woody

This was a fantastic movie. I highly recommend this movie for all couples to see, to keep a marriage strong and loving and to keep problems out of a marriage. This is a "Great Christian Movie" and our Country needs alot more of these types of movies.

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