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November 07, 2008


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sir jorge

oh ron, we missed ya on november 4th

designated conservative

Not too long ago I wrote a blog entry on the idea of getting rid of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution as a means of reining in the bloated federal government. Since then I have discovered that repeal of the 16th Amendment was a cornerstone of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. While I wasn’t thrilled with the whole cult of personality aura that surrounded Ron Paul, it’s good to know that great minds do think alike …or maybe it was more like “loons of a feather flock together?….”

I'm not a fan of Congressman Paul's stance on the use of the military, but I am sure that the failed leadership of the Republican Party lost big when it failed to take advantage of (or at least duplicate) the zeal and grass roots organization of the Paul campaign as part of the McCain/Palin effort.

For more, visit the designated conservative at http://dcon2012.wordpress.com/.

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