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November 23, 2008


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Tim G

I am helping to reach out to our politicians and public who should be sympathetic to a collective cause to end the private banking cartel of the Federal Reserve. I believe this is the best opportunity to take action to stimulate the economy in a manner that was intended by our founding fathers, by giving American's back their money.

The financial collapse has many in the United States scratching their heads to figure out what the heck is going on. I believe the answer and solution to our troubles can be found by eliminating the Federal Reserve, which would then allow for the removal of all Federal Income Taxes.

After reading President Ronald Reagan’s Grace Commission, I have found some interesting information that perhaps our public and politicians are not familiar. According to this specific report, all IRS tax dollars are simply paying interest on the money that the Federal Reserve creates. The funds collected by the Internal Revenue Service are not paying for our national defense or any other government functions.

The Grace Commission Report specifically outlines where our unconstitutional Federal Income Tax money is going and I hope to encourage others to become familiar with this report’s details. Many millions in the United States are starting to see this fact about our Federal Income Tax and we are tired of being robbed in the name of a private banking cartel.

Without the Federal Reserve a Federal Income tax would no longer be needed. What would that do for the prosperity of America? This would mean great things for all of liberty and us too. This is what our founders intended in the establishment of the Constitutional Republic of America.

Please help in ending the Federal Reserve. Please visit www.endthefed.us and www.downsizedc.org for more information.

Your friend in freedom,

Tim G

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