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October 13, 2008


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Shared parenting by default? That's just another name for our current system. If not, the result would be the same.

The only true solution is that the mother and father remain mother and father and everything is 50/50. And move-aways are illegal in all cases. A woman should not have the option to put the father out of his children's lives after she picked him to date, marry, and have children with. If she picked a loser, then she has to be determined to also be an unfit mother. The result? If the child is taken away from him, the child should also be taken away from her because she is also unfit. It's a woman's responsibility to pick a good father if she may have children in the future.

That would almost totally solve our problems. Nothing less. And of course, nothing is perfect, so a solution should not have to be "perfect" to be instituted. But holding women as well as men responsible for their actions is as close to perfect as we will get.

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