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October 05, 2008


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Bob van Ee

It is worth noting, in addition to Dr. Baskerville's comments about the Responsible Fatherhood Act, Obama and Biden's involvement with the Child Support Defense Bill.
Not mentioned was the 2008 GOP effort that lead to the Child Support Collection Fee being assessed upon Custodial Parents. NFI had Republicans as founders. The GOP has fought ERA, VAWA, Women's Choice, there is actually a bit of history to the GOP's defense of Fathers and Children that we sometimes overlook.
It is all well and fine to offer protest votes, sort of like farting in church, a little notice perhaps.
Biden authored VAWA, Obama supported VAWA, Responsible Fatherhood Act and the Child Support Defense Bill.
Republicans can change things only to the extent that they have popular support we have worked for awhile to work with conservative elected leaders most Republican some Democratic, some others with out a snow balls chance of winning.
It may be most prudent to insure Obama and Biden are not given free reign to expand VAWA, Responsible Fatherhood Act and Defense of Child Support. As has been said we need the government out of our bedrooms, out of our families: which is exactly where Biden and Obama wish to be.
It is also worth noting, there are GOPers withn the current adminsitration working on our behalf. Duluth, as a therapy for domestic violence perptration now has received four adverse comments from the ascieintific community which has been enough for DOJ to recommend Duluth is ineffective. Pressure has been brought to bear upon Minnesota Development which has redacted its call to "abolish patriarcy and establish an eqaulitarian society. The Founding Fathers Project was fairly impotent, June 2008. The complexity and depth of radical feminism has been delineated before us for awhile. VAWA, Duluth, Minnesota, Funding Fathers, YWCA, United Way et al. There are conservatives at work to restore a child's right to their fathers. It was conservatives who established and continue to establish the empirical evidence that diminish the effectiveness of radical feminist diatribe. Should we all work together shoulder to shoulder, as Hoogendyke has done with us for years: we can accomplish even more.
Can we elect Jacob Hoogendyke as Michigan's United States Senator and avoid Biden-Obama with McCain-Palin?
Just as we impotently debated first Klein and then Paul, we need now to potently work to elect our best choices of the viable candidates.

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