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September 19, 2008


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andre johnson

My 14th amendment rights have been violated by the judicial system in oakland county michigan many times during a divorce proceeding.I dont know where to find help I've only been able to see my kids once in a year they are 2,4,and 5. I have a court order to see my kids but hve not been allowed to by there mom and the courts won't enforce the order.My x wifes attorney who has been my attorney on several matters (conflict of interest)and my divorce attorney conspired against me during my divorce both attorneys are very good friends and I lost everything.There was a p.p.o put on me because my wife said I intimidated her.The same judge placed a bench warrant on me for a p.p.o violation I never violated $10,000 cash bond because my wife said I text her I was served 2 days before this hearing to come to court to defend this hearing with no proof and (michigan law says I have to have 7 days for court after being served)and I live 6 hours away and the courts know this, after my x wife text me telling me what she was gonna do to me and im gonna pay.She was able to hide $600,000 in assets while I had to file bankrupcy.There has been another bench warrant placed on me for $1500.00 in due child support the mail was sent to a address I dont live at and I missed a court date I knew nothing about.I dont live in Michigan and Im expected to be in court 3 times a month pay child support answer every allegation my x wife makes up not see my children provide proof to defend myself while she doesnt have to show proof I did anything. The courts have been provided with proof of the lies and my inosents and they still allow this corruption of the system and wasted tax payers dollars.ect,ect,ect please help any information would be appreciated [email protected]

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