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August 08, 2008


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Phillip N. Wurm

Right on!!!!

The responsibility to raise one's own children is the parents. Michigan's family law court system has NO RIGHT to interfere with this fundamental and God-given right.

Billions of dollars to remove a fit, willing, and able parent from the lives of his or her children. What type of message is being sent to the American people?

Simple. Money is what matters most-for the judges and the courts; for the "custodial" parents to spend on whatever they choose. It doesn't have to be on their children. For all the FOC employees, the conciliators, custody evaluators, attorneys, psychologists, and all the other "experts" on what is best for children suffering from a divorced and otherwise broken home. It doesn't matter if the children are in a safe and loving home, if they are doing well in school, or if they are clean and well-fed. Just so the dollars keep rolling into the system.....

Phillip Wurm
West Michigan Regional Director, A Child's Right, www.achildsright.net

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