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June 29, 2008


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It seems to be one of the hardest concepts for the modern American citizen to grasp. The concept that it is the duty of the people to hold their government in check by actively petitioning their elected officials and if needed throwning them out on their ears. I received some feedback concerning my latest letter to the editor in the Kalamazoo Gazette. I heard that someone thought that my points where all great up until I stated that people should contact their elected officials concerning the issues and to not vote for any politician who does not actively support equal parental rights. I was told that this person was put off by being told to become involved and that nobody wants to read that kind of political stuff. People have been conditioned to think that government and legal proceedings are not connected directly to their politicians, they seem to think that it is one thing to not like what is going on in society but voting is whole different issue. I am really baffled by why there is such a high level of ignorance in our society, and the lack of willingness to become politically active. I have spoken with a number of people lately who just did not seem to grasp the concept of holding politicians accountable.How do we convince people that who they vote for, who they support and who they oppose is what it is all about?

Big Daddy


You asked- "How do we convince people that who they vote for, who they support and who they oppose is what it is all about?"

The answer is not in challenging people to change their behavior, or for them to do something that they formerly did not do, rather, the solution is, as I wrote, correcting people's Belief System!

People need to be changed in their basic assumptions, as a fundamental re-education of how people INTERPRET life, self and events. This change in Interpretation is not to occur easily. It will take much effort and it is fully accomplished over generations.

Speaking to the macro view, we can see, within Family Law in MI, these successive, generational improvements in the re-education of people are occuring. This is the good news. Darrick, you point out the continued apathy, while relevant, but it only succeeds to disable your own growth.

Each person must, as a neccesity, assume his/ her own re-education, utilize his/ her own skill sets, abilities and actuate these in a program of re-educating others. Our responsibility ends at our presentation of the correct belief system, while not becoming enmeshed in somebody else's rebellion towards being re-educated!

Our continued focus on the rebellious, apathetic, wrongly educated, continuously remaining in a false belief system person is our endless enmeshment, resulting in our own non-productivity. Continue to remain connected with these people, but remain unemeshed with their sickness!

Big Daddy

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