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March 19, 2008


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They get their cut so screw the rest of us right?


Did you hear about the Self Proclaimed "Sexist" Judge from Georgia who gives new meaning to Parental Alie-“NATION” - A complaint was filed with the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission against Chief Superior Court Judge Sidney L. Nation of the 4th Judicial district (Rockdale Co.)for stating that he was a “Sexist” in court. The complaint was predominantly centered the judges failure to provide a fundamentally fair hearing, to perform his duties impartially and diligently, and failure to perform his judicial duties without bias or prejudice. Recently during the onset of child custody hearing, judge Nation’s stated that he was a “Sexist” and ruled that all visits must be supervised by and “Adult Female” one with some “Domestic Skills”. Nation’s also stated that “Under No Circumstances” would he allow any man to have unsupervised overnight visitation with child under the age one. Transcripts provided the father (Plaintiff) clearly bear out that judge Sidney Nation's is not gender-neutral, nor does he free the litigation process from predetermined assumptions regarding the relative roles and attributes of a men and woman in a child custody case. Do you think this judge should be sitting on the bench?


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