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February 25, 2008


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Lori Sams

That is horrible. In child custody cases, for some reason, they always give the children to the mother. Sometimes the mother is not the best person to have the kids. That was obvious in this case.

Can you imagine how these fathers must be feeling? They wanted sole custody and now they have dead kids. I just can't believe some people.


Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

I am not going to defend any parent who kills or harms their children or their exs or themselves. The underlying problem is that the family court is creating the battlefield that is driving parents crazy. The lack of true justice with due process rights and equal treatment makes people angry and those that are already close to the edge are pushed into taking evil drastic actions.


I agree with Darrick. The courts have created more stresses than anything else. There is no equal justice.

And, unfortunately, the kids always seem to get in the middle. That is a tragic story


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