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January 15, 2008


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judy parker

I am the grandmother writing this. My son has a daughter in Covington La. and we live in Ms. He went to court in June 2005 representing himself to seek visitation of his daughter. Was granted Sat. from 10 till 8. 100.00 Mthly. child support. Wanted to do better by his child, mother stuck to judges orders. We drove for 2/12 yrs every sat. for 5 hrs to see this child. two days after granting visitation he was charged with felony extortion by exwife and attorney. jailed 3 days. exwife is attorney in this town, friends with DA, Judges, Works with these people every day. after 2 yrs of court appearances they decide no evidence of extortion. was also charged with abuse. she denied knowing of other childs father's address when needed for court witness for my son. wk after court she decided to give information over to son' attorney. She lied. went around Judge got child support up from 100.00 to 700.00. went in to court paid up and came out 2100.00 behind. katrina came lost job in new orleans.son lost home and belongings. no money for lawyer. got job with clean up crew, hurt back. going to and from dr.s ever since. suffering from spinal degeneration, cerival and thoracic stenosis, mylopothy, acute, errosive osteoarthritis,spondylosis,tumors on spinal cord and shoulder. not able to work per 3 dr.s letter. trying to get disablity. taking a while. exwife pushing child support, put in jail again 3 days. was not provided medical care. family posted 5000.00 bond. got in wreck july of last year on way to free lawyers office. not able to make 5 hr drive to la every sat to pick up daughter and return her. exwife will not let any one else. Judges will not listen to medical reports. 2 contempt charges placed on him. not seen daughter since july of last year. now ex says he's not excerising visitation. my husband is dying from terminal lung cancer. wrote certified letter to ex my self to see if i could come bring her to see her grandfather. no response. nothing will do but my son either dead or rotting in her jail. is this collusion when all these offices are working together? I think so. grandaughter suffering because her dad got sick. cant tell her how much we all love her and miss her. she loves us all and will grow to hate her dad because he can't come get her. this is the most unjust thing i have ever seen and no one will do anything about it because we don't have money to hire lawyers to fight these corrupt people. TOP THAT.

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