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January 06, 2008


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Angela Pedersen

Thank you to everyone who attended this event and helped us push for the outstanding media coverage... which it achieved!

If this is any indication as to how the 2nd Annual Family Preservation Festival will go - WOW I CANT WAIT!

Special Thanks to Ronald Smith.

Robert Pedersen

AWESOME Event! Thank you Minister Ronald Smith for bringing this to Michigan.

Excited about the 2nd Annual Family Preservation Festival and the upcoming Equal Parenting Bike Trek.


What a way to start off such a criticle year in the movement.
It was refreshing to see so many active people come together.


Nice work!

Glad to see that someone is taking the message to the streets.

One of these days, I would be glad to shake your hand as I attend a similar conference.


Phillip N. Wurm

Thanks to Minister Ron Smith for his tireless efforts for our cause and for the Fatherhood Summit. It's nice to see the local media outlets finally beginning to wake up and start covering our events and showing their viewers and giving their readers the facts of how the Michigan family law court system commits child abuse on a daily basis by denying a child the love, care and guidance of both of their fit, willing, and able parents. Media outlets-show the public the truth here-you have not even scratched the surface here with the facts and truths to reveal!!!

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