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January 27, 2008


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Hooray! A movie like this has been long overdue. Michael Moore would be proud. I can't wait to see this film which exposes the family court for the money-grubbing, hypocritical, abomination it truly is.


Can't wait to see it!

ian mccalla

this is my first time at this web site so i would like to thank whomever started it ,i have a question i have been divorced 3.5 years and have 4 kids undr 12 ,when my ex left me for a younger man i was devastated and agreed to only see my kids everyother weekend and for 2.5 hours on a tues and thursday evening.this has been like this for 3.5 years as i have said
how can i get it to be a 50 to 50 shared parental responsability .why should i have to show a significant change of circumstance ,,,why will the courts not let the daddy be with the kids as much as the mother has them
signed ian mccalla
i live sarasota florida can anyone advise or help

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