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November 01, 2007


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Marcy Ganz

You need to watch both parts of the video and you will understand why the family courts are so caprious and unfair. It all comes down to federal tax incentives that mandate only one parent be the custodial parent when two parents exists. It is bad federal laws and policies that are destroying our families with greed state bureaucrats that want free money to spend.

This is all of our tax money and our children are being used as pawns in order to steal from us and keep us broke.

Fight back and know your rights!


Unfortunately the documentary is in desperate need of funding. Those two videos are merely demos of the larger whole. The unfortunate thing about having your child stolen and your life ripped apart, is that after the smoke clears and you get out of prison, you're broke.

I'm trying to get as much attention to the documentary as absolutely possible, because if they don't start raising money, you're never going to see it released. So send an email to all your friends and family and tell them to head over to http://deconstructing.us and donate.

I appreciate the difference you have already made,

Paul and Zed have shown me some of the other footage, and I can tell you that these demos are just the tip of the iceberg. Let's get it released.

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