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October 20, 2007


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Shelly Barreras

Great interview with Dr. Baskerville. That man is a hero. The truth will always shine through. I'm looking forward to hearing him on Rush or Hannity soon.

Steven Damron, MA

Great video. I believe that it all started with feminist groups
demanding no fault divorce, and to give women options, and Men
just mere responsabilities. And women and mothers are not ever held accountable for lying, abusing, cheating, and for destroying Fathers, Children, Families, and our nation. They try to encourage
women to make up lies in order to get benefits, custody, and everything that the Man has worked for and purchased for the family.
These kind of false accusations/pergury must stop. And the women Must be held accountable for this..Shared parenting Must be made into law, and upheld.

Steven Damron, MA

I believe that the radical feminist are to blame for all of this
mess, and the courts, and the world believing them..Feminists have sold the courts, and the world a bill of goods, and they bought it.
Feminist dont want equality, they want total control..


... Anti-male hysteria is causing some major civil rights violations for men/fathers/boys!!


Leon Brewton

How can we get the system to understand that child abuse consist of; leaving the child at home alone and unsupervised for long periods, inadequate care of clothing, dental, and mental health. Parental alienation is still an ongoing issue that is taken lightly by the system.
Finally, there is a handful of States in this country that recognizes a request for a financial audit or review from the non-custodian father.
This system proves to be unequal to noncustodian fathers.


I am a non custodial mom. My ex and I have been divorced for 11 years. I had custody of our daughter. Then when she turned 8 years old he finally showed interest in our daughter. When she was almost 10 years old while she was visitng her dad, he surprised me and served custodial papers on me! I was livid! He didn't return her to me. I had just bought a house and didn't have any money for a lawyer. I lost everything! It has been 5 years of pure hell! I am absolutely broke and living very meagerly! I am now 53 years old, I have no future. My daughter has been affected terribly with all of this. I no longer live in Minnesota. I can't stand that state and will never get back. I had to leave for my sanity!
Non custodial parents are treated like criminals! If I don't pay child support, I will go to jail. I don't make much...but, what I pay is not reasonable what so ever.
I tried like heck to get my daughter back, but couldn't. The judge was biased.
I did a documentary and interviewed many people in Minnesota. The horror stories are real.

David L. Easter

I am so glad there are organizations and others out there trying to get the system back where it should be, for the family. I am a non custodial parent in Virginia and have been dealing with DCSE for 18 years and have at least 4 to go. I've raised my oldest two with no help from the court or thier mothers. Since 1990 I have been labeled a criminal by DCSE and treated as such. I have never been denied visitation by my two youngest childrens mothers and as a matter of fact keep them during summers, holidays, school breaks, ect. I am one of the lucky ones in that respect, however the Division of Child Support Enforcement has done everything in its power to ensure my financial ruin such as, taking my drivers license several times, effectively causing me to loose my CDL which in turn caused me to loose my source of income and throwing me further behind. Long story short; my daughter graduated in June, arrears are supposedly $5,591.21, my sons arrears as of last week are $3,955.44 for a toatal of $9,546.46. That in itself is not bad, however the state has added $7,738.75 accrued intrest of .5% monthly plus 6% annually. I am not working at the moment because I am the primary caregiver to my oldest son since he broke his neck in 2002. I am being summonsed to court for show cause why I should not be imprisoned until I comply with the court's order and/or be fined for failure to provide support as ordered. Of course they have moved this case recently, from the area it's been for 18years, to another part of the state 300 miles away. Jail is not an option for me as my son needs 24/7 care and I am it! Is there a group in Virginia that may be able to help me?

Jon Crowder

Trying to obtain Mr. Baskerville's email address. Can you be of assistance? Thank you.

Jon Crowder

John Koval

My kids have been taking from me.I'm looking for some help,My Ex wife told the court they are scared of me..I have over 40 recorded talks with my kids and them asking me to come to school events,so if they are so scared of me why would they ask me to watch them at school events.And I also have coached my kids in sports.The courts are a joke.

Marcy Ganz

The family court system needs to be reformed but it starts with us educating our legislatures and judges about the impact their poor policies and decisions affect our children. The male bias in courts treating women as weak and only viewing them as uneducated caregiver and their husbands need to support them is out dated 1950's. Women do whole lot more and men are able to caregive as well and be active in their children's lives.
Children need both parents in order to grow up right and we must fight for this goal every day.

Marsha Maines

To:David L. Easter

Check to see if a LAWYER by the DCSE signed the Motion for Rule to Show Cause, which is charging you with Civil or Criminal Contempt.
If NOT, it's ILLEGAL and the case must be dismissed.
Per Virginia State Bar UPL 194, and 204 - the Unauthorized Practice of Law. I have other Virginia State Statutes for supporting documentation. The AG of Va is scrambling to cover up this illegal activity as fast as he can - he's already ordered the Va State Bar to cease their investigation on this matter because it could render all ORDERS NULL and VOID - call John Bauserman, PC in Fairfax Va. He can help..
good luck.

Marsha Maines

contact Mr. Baskerville at [email protected]

A. D.

Mr. Baskerville‘s Book - Taken Into Custody

RE: This quote from his book suggesting ways to "fix" the domestic court system re family custody hearings/decisions:

"(a) setting reasonable limits on unilateral divorce when children are involved; (b) establishing a rebuttable presumption of equally shared parenting for children of divorce or separation; and (c) restoring and enforcing the fundamental rights of parents to the care, custody, and companionship of their children."

The highlighted statement presents a serious problem with his book (and thinking)

The idea that he is suggesting and urging (the right for one spouse to stop a divorce when there are children) would have the effect of destroying marriage itself.

He is mixing the troubling problem within civil/domestic court of unequal justice and then intruding into this situation an attempt to change the divorce process itself.

1. Family court process is one issue. 2. Divorce process is another issue.

They shouldn’t be confused or mixed. He confuses them and mixes them.

The fundamental problem today that he appears to want to speak to, i. e., that family court discriminates unjustly, is not caused by no-fault divorce process (it is caused by unjust discrimination too often taking place against one parent in the family court system regarding the custody of children).

It has been caused by the displacement of a primary right in American society and that is the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty (a human-right both spouses in any divorce should be allowed to maintain within any legal process in the United States).

When one examines individual and specific cases of family disputes in the domestic court system you can see that it is this right has been virtually dismissed by family court.

Thus, there have been women have used this "protection" of "process" to retain custody of their children because of this failure of family court to assure the right to be considered innocent of wrong until PROVEN guilty for the ex-spouse (it appears today that whoever acts first in obtaining restraining orders, etc., creates an unfair "edge" in family court).

Stephen Baskerville’s idea (and urging) that making divorce, itself, more difficult and/or that the other spouse has to agree to a divorce before it can take place within the legal system will destroy marriage as we know it (it will result in an escalation of crimes like murder and open living without regard to family court law).

It is also unjust. Marriage is not a prison, it is a relationship. If the relationship fails, it is not moral to legally imprison either spouse within it. Children are a product of a relationship and should always be seen by and within the legal system outside of that specific relationship.

Mr. Baskerville’s ideas, if enacted, would also cause people of religion to reject civil marriage and enter spiritual or contract marriages whereby they will not be forced to remain married to someone because a spouse will refuse to go along with a divorce.

I'm surprised that so many people/media are listening to this man and not questioning the implications of his ideas about the divorce process, itself.

It is also important to see that he is using a failure of the family court system regarding child custody to actually intrude on the right to divorce itself when the issues are not the same....

His thinking about how to reform the divorce process, itself, carries this serious and fatal flaw regarding his ideas about how best to reform the family court system.

The need for family court reform comes in reinstating the now-discarded/ignored concept of family court that every citizen should be seen as truly innocent until PROVEN guilty.

His concept about reforming the divorce process by allowing the spouse who does not want a divorce (when there are children) to disallow due process (divorce) to the spouse who does want one, should be rejected.

A. D.

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