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July 29, 2007


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Robert Collins

Robert and Angela,
Thanks for supporting our children. I am tired of the goverment crooks misusing our money and enslaving us in the name of our children. My kids want their parents and the don't want Big Brother as their parent which is seems the states are trying to inject into people. We all need to stand up for ourselves and our children and not take this abuse.

Crispe.org is another organization that is really getting the news media to finally start reporting on. The media was too timid to discuss these issues of family destruction and now they are willing to air it out and put the government people on notice.

Keep up the good work.

Steven Damron

Thanks Carol for all your work in talking about the truth
of the corruption of the states, and the child support
fraud. Using our children for big Profits..
Keep up the Great work exposing these people, or should i say,

Mark D. Smithey

Thanks Carol. I read about your work in Washington State and the "chopshop" they operate there. I can relate and it was disturbing to me because it is exactly the same thing I am going thru here in Modesto, Calif. I have had my child "ripped" from my arms as well with such despicable tactics. My reason for writing is also to ask if you would investigate my County, Stanislaus, or if you have a colleague willing to. I have a lot I would like say and I would love to expose these criminals, for lack of a better word. I would also love to find a competent lawyer who will defend me against this system. It's bad enough i have a disagreeable X who makes endless accusations against me but to fight the court is wearing me out and traumatized my daughter as well. In fact my daughter told me recently, thru teary eyes, that she has been pulling her hair out. She told me the mother and this bias-counselor have known for about 3 weeks. I found out within 3 days this condition is called Tricotillimania and have spoken to a PhD in Lancaster, Ca. and signed up for a newsletter from a woman who overcame it. The mother is totally oblivious to her pain & suffering. Please help?!! I hope you will be moved to assist in some way. It is so unbelievable to me that a Father who has no drug history, no alcohol related problems, never abused this child & continues to be actively involved with his child dsepite being reduced to 2 Saturdays a month for 6 hrs, losing his job(UPSDriver), on the verge of losing my home, and yet I still pay my child support and still exercise my right to see my child at every opportunity. Please help! Thank you so much.
Mark D. Smithey


where do I buy a copy of "Friend of the court enemy of the family"

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