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June 03, 2007


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I am the paternal grandmother of the child (age 14). I was able to sit in court, but not allowed to gasp, speak or make any facial gestures, no matter what lies were accepted as truth, by the referee. Everthing that was said or done by the mother was commended. Everything the father said was considered a lie. Most of what she said were either half truths or outright lies. What he said, which wasn't much were truthful statements. The sons (age 25) comments were considered prejudicial and were dismissed because he was supporting what his father said.


When my wife and I divorced, I was granted what was called "reasonable" visiting rights. I asked the case worker later what that meant, and she told me, "never" if my ex wife deemed that to be reasonable. She and my wife knew each other from school. She was a substitue teacher at the time before getting her FOC job and my wife was a student. They had a friendly relationship I would assume. This woman has helped my wife in every way imaginable to keep my children from me when they were growing up. They are grown now, my son is dead. And i could not see them, nor could my parents. My son would have to sneek off to see his granparents when he got his license, and then if he got caught, he was in trouble. It has been rumored that this FOC worker is a lesbian. Now, did she help my wife keep my kids from me because of Judicial Prudence or lifestyle influences? I don't know. But this woman should be investigated as should the whole office. I am even thinking about filing a 100 million dollar lawsuit against her. This should be all brought out in a court in front of a judge and a jury, along with an ethics panel review.

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