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June 02, 2007


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This effort can only grow through everyone's support. All children need to be able to love their parents and need them by their side.

Steven W. Newell, M.D., Men of Valor, Inc., Denver (Lone Tree), Colorado

Colorado parents. Lets connect. Work toward enabling equal access of children to both their mothers and fathers following divorce and separation. I live in Lone Tree, Colorado, a suburb of south Denver. 720-635-5000.

David L. Easter

My name is David Easter, I'm a father of 4, ages 26, 22, 18, 14 in Virginia. I just listened to the talk radio with Robert Pederson and Carol Rhodes and I must say it gives me MUCH comfort (although I am crying with mixed emotion) to know that I have been right about Division of Child Support Enforcement policies to first force you to be a non-custodial parent, then label you as a DEADBEAT DAD, strip you of your pride and dignity, RAPE you financially, then take your drivers license so you can't find work or (as was my case) if you drive for a living, you just lost your means of income. Then threaten you with jail if you don't comply. DCSE tells you that you MUST notify them of any and all changes in your job status and addresses, they use this information to bully and harrass you in the same manner a loan shark would. I even had one call, after I lost a job and reported to DCSE, telling me to borrow money from my ex to pay some on my support.

I have had to live with family members since 2000 because I cannot afford a place of my own, and now I live with my oldest son, who broke his neck in 2002 and is a quadriplegic, as his primary care giver in a one bedroom apartment. I cannot work because home health care is so unreliable, so we live on his Social Security of less than $900 a month.

My story begins in '89 with child support for my daughter, then 1 year old. I have custody of my two oldest boys by previous relationships, recieving no child support for either of them. Visitation was never denied and at times I had to force the visit because a child has a right and a need for their mother AND father. I was in a relationship with my soon-to-be 2nd wife. I had a good job, we had a nice house (rented) and between us we had 4 boys and 2 girls. I was paying my daughter's mother child support directly (court ordered, but not DCSE). I got married in Nov. 1990, my wife and my daughters mother were friends, so there was never any conflict with my daughter spending most of her time with us at our house, it was hers too. I still had to pay support though!

Time went by and my ex decided to move 300 mile away and take my daughter, so I decided to fight for custody as she had no job, nowhere to live and my daughter stayed with us most of the time anyway. I was sure we would get custody because of the circumstances. No, DCSE stepped in and said that not only is the mother getting custody, but because she doesn't have a job and I had no reciepts for the previous year of child support, I had to pay more in weekly support plus I was in arrears for the previous year and she was allowed to take her to another part of the state. She did bring her down often and I kept her for the summers every year, still had to pay child support though. In '92, my youngest son was born, making 7 children in our house, we had a live in baby sitter and things were good.

Summer of '93, my daughter, now 6, is down for the summer, my wife and I were out with friends around 6pm, the four older boys were in the front yard, my daughter was on the couch just inside the front door. My 10 year old stepdaughter was in another room with my youngest son, the babysitter was fixing dinner. My bosses son pulls up on a riding lawn mower, uninvited, but the kids know him so they pay no attention to him. He enters the house and a few minutes later my stepdaughter comes into the living room and catches him fondling my 6 year old. She yells at him, the sitter runs into the room and he runs out the door and disappears. A week later, we found out that the boys Scout Troop Leader had been molesting my oldest son, this chain of events started a deteriation of my family life, my reations with my daughters mother and my job security. In '96 my wife and I seperated, and agreed to have joint custody with no support, DCSE said no and of course, she got physical custody with support.

I lost my job because of the tension of what happened with my bosses son and my daughter and pressure from my daughter's mother to quit supporting "that family" by working for them. I had that job for 11 years. I found another job making far less money and started falling behind on support, then in November '97 I found a good paying job as a delivery driver again and started regular support again, so I thought. I held that job till March '99, at which time I had a ruptured disc in my neck and had to have a spinal fusion, causing me to be out of work for almost a year and the loss of that job. While I was waiting for my short term disability insurance to decide to pay up, DCSE suspended my license so when I was able to return to work I could no longer drive a truck. That leaves lower paying jobs that you can't live on with out taking support out, let alone DCSE taking 65% plus being told I have to pay 9 1/2% interest on the arrears.

I have given up trying to catch up at the present, I am about 15,000 behind between the two cases. My daughter graduates tonight, she turned 18 last Aug., I will be there. My youngest son is here with me every week-end and when there is no school. He enjoys helping me take care of his older brother and is happy with sitting around playing games and getting on the computer. I am a good parent, I might not be able to pay the support, but my kids love both me and thier mothers and we all love them and none are wanting for anything money can buy.
I just hope and pray that this rein of terror the DCSE has had for years will end soon and allow people like myself to become whole again.

Eddie Clubs

My ex wife really "bent me over". When we got divorced I was a power lineman apprentice with a promising career. Unfortunately, a 40 ft. fall off of a pole ended that career. In the divorce I had to take all the marital debt, pay for the health insurance, daycare, and pay child support. At the time I didn't have a problem with this. About 3 years later I met a woman and moved with her to a different state. I came back to Colorado every 2 weeks in order to visit my children. Things didn't work out, so I moved back to Colorado.

Here is where the story gets good.

When I moved back, my ex wife went to child support and LIED to them saying that I had never payed any child support. I started producing all kinds of receipts, but the child support people told me that I would have to settle things with my ex or take her to court. After showing her some of the receipts she agreed that I "owed her" half of the child support.

What really gets me is that I had absolutely no say in the matter. She has even went against the divorce decree and does just what she thinks is in her best interest, saying it's for the childrens. I consulted a lawyer and the lawyer told me that there wasn't anything I can do about it due to the situation and Colorado law. Now I am out of a job collecting unemployment and I have child support threatening me with warrants, jail time, revocation of my licence, etc.

If your a man in Colorado you have absolutely no rights when it comes to child support issues.......

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