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May 08, 2007


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Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

Post Script from Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

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P.S. MINOW is perpetuating the lie that non-custodial parents don’t already have parenting costs of their own by trying to make the case that the combined money being spent on child raising is going to decrease if both parents become substantially involved in their child’s life. Reading between the lines MINOW is acknowledging the fact that current sole child custody support orders are bloated with hidden alimony since if both parents are raising their child equally under the current Michigan shared economic resources support formula there still would be an order if either parent had a higher income but the support amount would be much less substantial. HB 4564 does not change the child support formula so if a parent has shared custody but does not actually exercise this custody the actual custodial parent will have the ability to file for increased support. MINOW fails to inform their action list that less then 10% of cases are currently being ruled on by judges and that HB 4564 does not take away the judges ability to rule just makes the system respect the child’s right to both parents equally. They further gender stereo types by claiming the typical custodial parent (mother) did 85% of the child rearing while the parents where together thus the current super majority of custody awards going to mothers is just the divorce industry’s way of maintaining the child’s parental relationships. The facts are that the current system does not respect the actual amount of time spent by both parents in their children’s lives and the only way of fixing this broken system is to require the courts to presume both parents to be equal unless there is evidence of unfitness. Finally, they try to say that there will be added court costs by requiring parents to have clear and convincing evidence of unfitness prior to the court taking a child’s parent out of their life. Higher evidence standards reduce litigation and court time since the bar for hearing arguments is raised and divorces already are being heard in courts along with evidentiary hearings but now all you have to have is innuendo and hearsay to make unfitness claims. Please spread this response to the MINOW action alert far and wide including all of your state politicians.

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