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April 18, 2007


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Look at Jackson County courtroom probate judge Susan Vandercook. The System is beyond awfull, and we are in IRAQ?

David Cookson

I agree with the federal lawsuit.
I want to know if any non custodial parent is willing to sue hospitals for having a piece of paper that literally takes away custodial rights of non custodial parents. This people, is where it starts, let us stop this madness before it even begins.


Please consider linking us to your site, we will be adding your page to our Links page.

Also, please pass this around http://ohiofathersforjustice.com/blog/2007/08/15/the-state-of-ohio-doesnt-know-it-yet-but-they-are-next-read-this/ amongst your contact.

I'm sure you know my good friend Keith Owen, and one thing I thing we need to sit down and discuss is captalizing on the fact that we're geographic neighbors

If we combine people and cross state lines for rallys, we can make quite a showing.

Feel free to post everything but Keith's name. He's in enough hot water. :)

[email protected]

Marsha Maines

WOW! How can we see how he did this? We have the SAME thing!!
Jailed 3 times and going AGAIN in october because DCSE FALSIFIED documentation to the Court AGAIN - claimed he 'owed' arrearages over $115,000!! AND - based on his wage of $1040 GROSS, was supposed to pay $842 month even though the LAW says no support order can exceed 50% of their Gross income...after 10 years - we want RESTITUTION TOO!! Can I get my $20,000 back for the false imprisonment, emotional distress, financial rape and everything else they've done to my BF?

Dave Briggman

I'm suing Virginia and it's DCSE for allowing DCSE non-attorney employees to sign legal pleadings, which is a crime under Virginia law.

Come to my website and I'll try and get the pleadings up as the case evolves...it's a class action lawsuit.

Kevin White

Anyone in the Missouri area interested in doing somthing similar let me know. i am in the process of setting up the Missouri Fathers 4 Justice Chapter and we plan to make alot of noise here.........

Robert R. Parker Jr

I was pleasantly surprised to find my story in your blog and thank you for its addition. I am presently preparing to continue this struggle in both state and federal court as well as through the state and federal legislative processes. We must, as fathers and non-custodial parents, engage the system in every shape, form and manner that we can in order to bring both a sense of fairness to the process and also to let our children know, in no uncertain terms, that we love them and want to be an effective part of their lives....Keep up the good work, Bob Parker

Robert R. Parker Jr

In the event that any of your participants wish to reach me they can do so at [email protected].

patrick powers

i am baffled how a father has to pay the mother of his children if they decide to go to college.children 18 and older are adults.we should be able to give the support money to the child in school.it puts fathers at a extreme financial hardship to pay for their childs education and their mothers welfare.children or young adults living on campus should get the support.the college or univesity should get the support.my rights to being a father have been stripped through limited visitation and limited finances.we should not have to support the mothers of our children after they are grown and in school.the children should finally reap the rewards of loving fathers

Anacacy DeArmond

I need help in filing a lawsuit on Department of Revenue, child Support Efforcement Division, and the Broward county court in Florida.

CSED have pusued me to pay child support when legally I don't have a child and they have taken my driver licenses several times, harrass letters, garnishement of my wages, submitting wrong information to credit bureau. I need to sue them so that they let me live my life. They already took my child, she is adopted by her stepmother. please help.

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