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April 12, 2007


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Andres (Father to Lauren and Lindsey)

I live in Florida and I have got my kids every other week, this was not without hard work. I would be glad to support your cause - Email me - I have sponsors for you.


Re feminism. Henry Makow on his website savethemales.ca has laid out the roots of the feminist movement. Those roots are communist, atheist former Soviet Union - 100%. The same communism that butchered 60 million souls in the last century through the barbarism of Lenin and Stalin, and unlawfully imprisoned millions more - read the works of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn for more info on that. Feminism was communisms brain child and export, designed to bring about the downfall of western society. This malignant export has achieved that goal in most respects. Most notably, by underming the traditional nuclear family. This effect will bring a nation to it's knees, because the family is the cornerstone. Anyone who says that feminism is somehow tied into religion, is sadly misguided. Feminism is at it's core, atheistic or at best, female idolatry, and thoroughly God (in the male form) hating. Any correlation made between feminism and Christianity, is a complete blatant falsehood and red herring. Feminism is as anti-Christian as the worst form of God hating marxist communism from which it was spawned. The early standard bearers for feminism like Betty Freidman, were 100% communist. The current feminists are communists, whether they claim to be or not.

I am BLOWN away with what I see here!!!

WOW!!!!! I am totaly BLOWN AWAY with what I see here! I can't believe that there are so many Fathers that are Joining this movement that will actually benefit US! My Son of ten is being held hostage by the SS/CPS (FSD) and I am powerless to do anything . He is getting angry and hostile and violent because He cannot come Home to his FATHER where He wants to be. He is acting out and I know He is Angry, confused, hurt,and powerless to change anything. They have DAMAGED him emotionally ,mentally , and spiritually. They took without any PROOF and this Violates the 14th amendment!!! They only need "A POSSIBILITY OF A CHANCE" that there "MIGHT BE" abuse involved. NO PROOF , NO SUBSTANTIATED FACTS, NO CAUSE, . They removed Him against his wishes and there was NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE!! These people have Broken the Law , and that upon their acts makes them CRIMINALS. What on earth can I do?? I am glad that enough people have had ENOUGH of GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. I know I have. I want my Son back Today!!! I only get to see him eight times a month, for two hours each time , and He and I want MORE TIME, like say the rest of our lives. Loren ,in Great Falls .Montana. Thank God for this site!!!!!

The truth!

The post by David (May 28,2007) is incredibly accurate. What David did not mention is that there are many Feminists and their supporting cohorts in our Senate and Congress. This is an extremely frightening Fact, given the "Social Reform " that has been taking place over the last 55 years. When the USA refused to cede the military Bases and world cleanup to the Soviets after WW2, Russia emphatically told the USA that "they would take us without firing a Shot".Yes,.. Thats true! And so you see so many of these Soviet sympathizers and "Communists " in power in this country. WE must effect change by removing these "WARTS" form Govt. by our vote and by relentlessly and incessantly occupying the days and nights of those elected and those affiliated until they give in and make way for what is right and for the return to God and Family. Govt. did not conceive our children and they should NEVER have the power to interfere. The communities should be the ones who help, without fear of being sued. And if this means that the Churches have a Large part in Family issues then so be it. Loren , in Montana.

Bessie Hudgins

It is such a blessing to see men standing up for their children. I am of the firm belief that children deserve to have both parents and both sides of their extended family as they grow up. No child should have to go to bed...cover up their heads with the cover so they can cry about a missing parent or grandparent. God Speed to both these men. Thank you for going out of your way to show the world that men do love their children...and fit parents should never be reprieved of their children...but a step up from that...no child should have to grow up without a fit parent, just because the custodial parent wants it that way. SEE YOU IN DC ON THE 18th. OF AUG, 2007.

Bob Denton

I`m proud of these men fighting for their right to be with their children,and I know they have had and will continue to have an impact on reversing fatherlessness in the USA and other countries.The importance of fathers in the healthy psychosocial development of children,especially boys,cannot be overstated.Try as they may,feminut ideologues and misandric single moms have been unconvincing in their assertion that children dont need fathers.The evidence is overwhelming and compelling that children DO need fathers and that none of our current social problems will improve until the father is put back in the family where he belongs.Fathers cannot be "replaced" by mothers performing a dual role,nor can their absence from the family be compensated for.Fathers are needed,Men are needed,masculine authority is needed.No society can survive without them,and that is a fact,not personal opinion.


I have been fighting to see my only child (son) for over a year now. I went to court and had a lot of evidence on my x. I had supported them both for two years. I had given them anything that they wonted while paying the bills. I got a new car and things for the place were we lived. I'm not the brightest of people, I know this because I have done some test to get me back into college. I worked 13 hours and 8-10 hours at another job to pay all bills and debt off. I got the verdict a while ago and I only get ever other weekend while still paying a lot in child support. I have been trying to see my son on the time the court has set for me but the mother will not call me nor can I get a hold of her. I talk to the Freind of the about this and they told me all different things. They had told me that I should keep a log of all the time that I don't get to see him. Then they told to go to a website that is not real. I talk to my lawyer and she wonts to go back to court but I don't know if that will even help. I went before and the mother admitted to doing every thing that we had on her. She tried to kill her self she is always fist fighting with her mother. She had even admitted to using drugs and I still don't see my son. Every time I talk to the courts they just write me off. My girlfriend is getting sick of it and so am I. All I wonted was to have a family was that so wrong of me. I use to be not willing to do anything then I had a child and everyone was so surprised at how I acted. I got a job a car and did everything to help. I don't know what to do please help!!!


Robin Denison

To Rob and Robert and all of the other parents who are working hard to ensure the right of children to be parented by both parents, regardless of the parents' relationship with each other-it is hoped that one day soon, all children will be able to give and receive all of the love they deserve.

See you in DC.

Robin Denison
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization


I've added the bike trek to the front page of Men's Links

Good luck

Phillip Wurm

Lets deal with some facts here folks:
1) A child has the right to the love, care and guidance of a fit, willing and able parent. To deny a child this is child abuse!!!!
2) We, as U.S. citizens have, under the 14th Amendment to our Constitution, the right to take care and take charge of our children without government intervention and interference.
3) The last time I checked, this country is still a Democracy. Why then, when major issues are decided by a "yes" vote of a majority, do we have such things as a friend of the court and family law court system that forces a father into being a "visitor" in the lives of his children, when absolutely NO ONE voted for such a system, as far as a popular vote goes. All of this, plus the no-fault divorce system was forced on us when no one was looking, to benefit a MINORITY of such folks as attorneys, custody evaluators, support enforcement officers, mediators, conciliators, and on and on. These folks profit, and earn their living from the divorce industry system. Of course THEY want the system. NO ONE ELSE DOES.
4) Child support does indeed include hidden spousal support. Until such time as an actual accounting of the real and true costs of raising the child is done, the ex-wife mom also benefits from the ex-husbands paycheck. Why? A divorce is the end of a marriage-neither ex-spouse should have any claim whatsoever on the assests of the ex-. Feminists continue to want this to continue-all the benefits of the marriage-THEIR KIDS, HIS MONEY, BUT NONE OF THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF BEING A SPOUSE. It's no wonder the American Family is disappearing!!!!
5)A fit, willing, and able parent would be able to provide a roof over their head, clothes on their back, and food on the table. Above and beyond this would be cheap medical insurance, and a lot of the "perks" so many have learned to live with. Without this basic ability to provide for themselves, how can an unfit parent be given custody of children??? It happens THOUSANDS OF TIMES in this state. Why? Because a non-custodial parent must be created, or no gravy-train for the divorce industry and child support system. Boo Hoo. Who is more important?? Our children being properly raised, or a bunch of attorneys and related leeches of the system keeping their standard of living? ENOUGH SAID!!!


In solidarity good parents, as we must get justice for parents and children affected by callous family law . Children need a male role model figure in their lives, as much as they need a loving maternal bond .

Peter Burns
Children Need Parents Trust .

George Kenner

Thanks to events like this finally elected officials are seeing that there are real problems with the way our country deals with the "Lack of Rights" of Non Custodial Parents and the methods used to select what is in the "Best Interest of the Child". We are only working in the best interest of the Divorce Industry. Just like every stroke of the peddle of these bikes each and every nightmare story is getting "Parents" closer to equal rights as we as a nation profess to provide to our citizens.

We look to our leaders for moral leadership and support for equal parenting and they to date have ignored our plight. In many cases it is easier for gay people to adopt someone elses children than it is for "FIT PARENTS" to maintain relationships with children that live in the same town. I know this as I have not seen my daughter for 4 years and she lives right down the hill.

This is happening at the whim of vindictive spouses all over the nation with the help of our courts. This needs to change or society will suffer the consequences that the social scienctists predict.

George F. Kenner, Jr.
United States Border Patrol, Retired.

(I am a "FiT Parent" with not so much as a traffic ticket on my record, let alone an allegation of abuse, or domestice violence. For any elected offical or Judicial officer reading this, please consider the view of fit parents. It is time to end the pratice of Legal Kidnapping with our Courts.)

Mary O'Connor

My book which is available online is a compassionate look at the single parenting scene and has some handy hints on how to recover from the impact of divorce while raising your children.
The book is slanted to the parent's needs, rather than a large focus on the child, as the parent needs to "put on your oxygen mask first". As a court appointed mediator and founder of an organziation www.facescal.org which advocates for the child, and does not use terms like "perpatrator" or "victim", we work with both parents and give compassionate understanding to the pain and hurt of being separated from your child and your family. We welcome feedback after you purchase the book. Let us know if it helped. As it is self published, we can add to and upgrade with your feedback!
Best Regards, Mary O'Connor

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