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April 11, 2007


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The bottom line is there is no due process and Judges are violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution. Furthermore, when 90 to 99% percent of motheres get custody of the children what recourse does a father have at all. It's obvious gender bias and sex discrimination exist. Both parents need to exist in the childrns lives. There are no consequences for the mothers or fathers that create false allegations. Mostly mothers. Look at the New hire Program. It's directed towards men with the Child support enforcement agency now using the private sector to collect private infomation. There is so much more that is going on that unless you have experienced it you wouldnt believe it. Thank you Fathers Awareness

Timothy (in Arizona)

The court (the judge) is obligated to uphold existing law. You are subject to "due process" according to existing law. That is why, exactly, we (the people) must cause the law to change. Your recourse, Xavier, is like mine, you can "beg" your ex to "let" you see the children more often, at your (additional) expense. A continuing change in circumstances will (eventually) allow you to formally request a modification to the custody arrangement. And trust me, this will cost you a lot of money. You will pay child support until you formally get it modified, and she/he will resist all the way. And, you will pay attorney fees, court filing fees, and court costs to cause it to change. Probably, by then, your children will be grown and gone. Exactly, my man, why we must cause the law to be changed. You are correct that there are no consequences regarding false allegations, but that is (yet another) different law (the order of protection law). The battle must be won first on Child Custody rights (50/50 parenting, HB4564). My proposal for the false allegations is as follows. If the allegations are shown to be without merit, then the party alleging them must pay all attorney fees and court costs of the disparaged party. Establishing a consequence for false allegations, in my opinion, should help. Good luck. My situation - I currently am "allowed" to "see" my children every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 PM until 8:00 PM, and for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights every other weekend.

J.Pat Mc Elligott

THE IDEAL IS THAT THE LAW SHOULD BE OBEYED AND ENFORCED BY ALL PARTIES.THE REALITY IS THAT JUDGES DO NOT OBEY THE LAW ,ENFORCE THE LAW AND MORE TIMES THEN OTHERS VIOLATE THE LAW BASED ON THEIR OWN BIAS AND AGENDA AND A LACK OF REAL AUTHORITY OTHER THEN APPEAL PROCESS ( that is where you would go in front of another--JUDGE!! ( GMAFB! ). DUE PROCESS?? That is some terminology you may hear on Boston Legal but for me personally, my due process was violated by Judge Archie C. Brown ( Washtenaw County-AnnArbor,Michigan ) who dispensed with oral arguement makes his rulings and would not even allow me the constitutional right to have my day in court.He is just one of six judges over the years that have enabled my son's mother to alienate and steal even parenting time from me . My crime : I questioned and challenged egotistical,arrogant and ULTIMATE judicial authority. So much for freedom in America--makes you want to go out and hoist the flag!!!

Don Aldrich

Do you think fathers should have governmental approval to be an equal influence in the rearing of their children?

...Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave?

Cathleen Halash

In our country, 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Too many continue to be advisarial and move to the next stage of parenting their children together and being humane to each other. Too many parents have failed to learn the most important thing they need to learn in life and teach their children with their actions. Children should not pay for the sins of their parents.

It isn't just one gender experiencing it. For some former spouses, nothing will ever satisfy them. Some sink to new lows of witholding contact all the way to filing false child abuse charges. There needs to be prosecution and court ordered counseling, court ordered attorney fees covered for those that will use the child protective system in such a way. Those parents have completely lost sight of what is best for their child when they will break the law and pattern harras to interfere with the parental bond, create turmoil, and hurt the child's tender feelings. That's making a child pay for the sins of the parents.

Derek Wright

I have been very fortunate in my endeavor post divorce wise inrespect to custody and visitation. My fellow (Men) under no circumstances do you stop your campaign for more time or custody. I expense was spared. The almighty dollar is what prevails in the end. I worked two full time jobs the better part of three years with overtime to make my situation go in my favor. The system is definitely in the corner of the women. We have to prove ourselves by going beyond the call to dictate to the courts we are worthy. If anyone of us give up we lose the war. We must network and use each others situations to build on to change the mainstream thinking in regards to whats proper for children in divorce situations.

norma Van Duser

My son had physical custody of his son for over 6, almost seven years. THE CHILDS mother had left him three times . She came back after the first year and stayed untill the end of the fifth year. My son still had primary physical custody. She left again,(to live with her boyfriend), leaving both the son and now also a daughter behind with my son. He hired an attorney. She wanted to have the kids one week, and for him to have them the next, ect; The attorney advised him to comply with her request. So he did. SHE REFUSES TO WORK, so he now has to pay her child support, and ordinary medical. some how there is something wrong with this picture! His income is very low, and he does get some help from the food program. By the way, he still has PIMARY PHYSICAL CUSTODY . I do not understand why she has no obligations here?


Ok just a little confused about the michigan court system.I have a 3 year old daughter and her mother took me to court for child support they are taking almost half of my check each week,while she kicks back and does nothing she dont work and she is "living off the state". Im paying for state insurance for my daughter through the court and i have her covered through blue cross at work! So im paying the state and my work for insurance for her. The court knows about this i just dont understand.

Theodore A. Golden, M.D.

The "Golden Legal Oversight Amendment" for Michigan, see www.tagolden.com for details, is the basic change that must be made if there is to be true reform in the process of divorce and child parenting time.

The citizens of Michigan must have control and oversight of their legal system instead of the legal profession. Again, see www.tagolden.com for details.

Please, support the "Golden Legal Oversight Amendment".

Theodore A. Golden, M.D.


I have a friend that is getting divorced. There is a child involved. His ex is going to have to apply for state assistance and the attorney told him that the state will then take 25% of his income. I've had a friend tell me that it's up to 25% and that it's really up to the judge. Has anyone ever encountered this? It just doesn't make sense to me!

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